Celestial Samurai

Fully Minted Out

Black Sun & Noisia: Feed the machine


This collection was handmade full-time in a period of 5 months by myself. Playing roles of actor, camera person, lighting, post effects, website creation, contract creation, advertising etc. Consisting of multiple layers of video, including a multilayer collection specific watermark that is changed ever so slightly for each nft. This first genesis collection incorporates many unique backgrounds custom made along with movement in samurai outfits, real armor and live blade weapons. There is rarity and a custom json needed to be created. To my knowledge there is nothing like this style of art that exists on or off the blockchain. One of the reasons is due to the difficulty in obtaining samurai armor and the skills needed to perform these movements, having the green screen room to record in and skillset to create NFTs. PD Has an affiliate relationship with the sole Licensed for reproduction samurai armor manufacturer in North America.

Collection Utility

The “Celestial Samurai” Collection offers utility as follows.

HOLDER POOL = Total collection sales of SGB – 25% taxes = X /(48.8% Genesis1) = Holder pool. Account public and disclosed. **(SGB HOLDERS POOL PAYED OUT and EMPTY on this contract, Holder pool on other networks can be XRP/FXRP or FLR. Further collection Holder pool can vary in % and will be announced prior to launch. Holder pool does not apply to 1/1 item sales or limited collaboration releases. Holder pool can be delegated to “community vote” provider, rewards go back to pool minus 25% taxes set aside. Holder pool in XRP can also be Wrapped as FXRP by community vote.

ROYALTY: Exchange trades may be subject to 5% royalty from project, plus their fee’s. This amount will be used for project development.

1-7 Samurai: The first 7 Samurai, will get 1 NFT free (Does not include physical item 1/1 collections, or limited/collab releases) in future collections on all networks. Automatic whitelist. The largest % of a HP on any network. This % applies for only 1 NFT and is transferable with the NFT. A 1-7 Samurai can also be Ronin by obtaining a Celestial key. That key would unlock 1 Genesis NFT to pay the Ronin %.

100 Ronin (Discord role): Automatic Whitelist for future project releases a % of holder pool. Ronin role needs 1 Celestial Key and 1 Celestial Samurai. The key unlocks 1 Genesis to return Ronin %. One person may be able to obtain multiple Celestial Keys.


400 Genesis: Automatic whitelist for future project releases. % of holder pool APY divided by all Genesis holders paid monthly, does not stack with Ronin or 1-7 Samurai. Further collections may be added to HP (not including 1/1 physical item NFTs or Collab NFTs).


Please note: Holder pool percentages may change for various collections to be communicated prior to collection launch.

SNAX (see ClassyXoge partnership) – 1 year distribution Starting TBD 2023.

C.Samurai (#1-7) per mnth TBD Ronin(#8-507+C.Key) per Mnth TBD C.Samurai (#8-507)Samurai per Mnth TBD C.Void per month TBD

***To receive Celestial Samurai portion, will need to log into created dapp and connect wallet/paste XRP address, add SXN trustline then connect to Xdapp 1x per month to click reward. This will be used for XRP and SNX.