Celestial Visage

Collection coming soon to Flare Network!

A visage on Flare

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  • 5
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  • 6
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  • 349

Collection Utility

The “Celestial Visage” Collection offers utility as follows.

– 15% FLR Visage holder pool for “Celestial Samurai” and “Visage” NFT holders*.

– 15% FLR Visage Delegation pool for “Celestial Samurai” and “Visage” NFT holders*.

– 9 Special video 1/1 NFT’s to be found in the collection. Each will come with a phygital hoodie created for you in your size with NFT printed and sent.

  • After Mint, all addresses owning Visage NFTs on FLR, will be rolled randomly and 2 selected to be gifted #7 and #6 Celestial Blade+Sleeve NFTs and Katana’s provided they can be owned legally.

– Holder and Delegation pool spread out over 8 months and distributed each month pending project mintout. * distribution can change depending on market conditions, the whole amount may be distributed at any time or if project fails to mint out Celestial Samurai holders may not receive % gift. wallet will be publicly available and listed on discord under #wallets.

– A Trait count higher than total NFT count. = all are 1/1’s NFTs made for Merch and PFP.

– Rarity and mixed art collection totalling 903.

– “Celestial Samurai= 1-7 Samurai, Ronin, Genesis” get the same breakdown percentage of their 20% CV Pool as follows ( 3%,24.75%,72.25%/holders of each type)

NOTE: *All pools always calculated after 26% tax deduction* and based on project minting out.

NFT image in merch store: If your NFT image isn’t setup in the merch store or an Item you want isn’t available in the store please contact me and I will put the items you would like in it. The Merch store will also work with other uploaded images.