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Who is the current team?

Owner/Actor/Creator/Post production (Josh/Psylock)

Creative and Marketting Consultant Advisor: Michael IVA, Qually & Company.

Blockchain/Crypto Advisor: Nttn2do

Indipendent Community Twitter: @celestialSamRT

Developer/Consultant: Glenn Schnieders (Proggie)

Bittersweet Thoughts, Rob Gasser

Does the team plan on expanding?

Yes! Contact us if you are interested in taking an admin/advertising/marketing/collaboration role or partnership!

What are the qualification of the current team?

The founder is a Red Seal Journeyman Parts Technician. This can be verified be entering Joshua Qually, 968598 into the link below.

joshua qually red seal certification

Has the Team Been Doxxed?

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