The Project

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What Is the project called?

The project is called Physical Digital NFT. This is a registered trade name filed in Alberta, CANADA on 22/01/07 Registration Number: TN23993991

How are the Physical Digital NFTs made?

How a Video NFT is made.

First an object/action is recorded at 4k, 60fps and then brought into software to pull the object/action out. A custom unique background is created and meshed with the object/action. The music is sourced royalty free or created. It sometimes takes between 3-12 hours to make 1 nft and their have been cases unfortunately, that the whole process needs to be re-done. This process can be see the following youtube video:

Where is the project based out of?

Grande Prairie, AB CANADA owned and operated.

Do I need to set a trustline? What happened to PDT on XRPL?

PDT may be used as a trade in token only. 1x VOID = 1x PDT token to get 1x ZEN.

Are there any planned collaborations or partnerships?

Yes, we already have a collaboration with an experienced digital artist to make the Celestial Key. A collaboration with E.B.Shriver, another upcoming with Schmeckles. We have a partnership with AstralsonX and ClassyXoge.

Do we file taxes? Is that information available?

Yes, 2022 was the first year Physical Digital NFT made income. The PDF that will be given to the accounting firm is here: