Plan for mass adoption

Xoge has cornered it’s own market and spin-offs. We cross chain to multiple excellent ecosystems and reward our community the tokens! We make DYOR a breeze as well! Let us be your multi token/wallet meme.

We are on: XRP TL Xumm (On many Exchanges)
We are on: ALGO ASA:782285248 (On Tinyman App)
We are on: XLM add Xoge via search (Xmint one/Lobstr Wallet)
We are on: HBAR add 0.0.1397135 (Cloning Balances Over From XLM!)
We are on: #Coming Soon

What does the ClassyXoge partnership offer physical digital? 10% gift of total supply to bridge our community. Cross promotion and sincere appreciation both ways!

To see what the distribution will be for SNAX, goto the Celestial Samurai/Celestial Void collection in the menu.

SNAX! Trustline:

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