Celestial Void

Created with merchandise and high resolutions in mind. Coming soon, to keep updated on this collection follow along in Discord/Twitter/Youtube.

Grizmatik – My People

Collection Utility

The “Celestial Void” Collection offers utility as follows.

– Received 1x Celestial Zen NFT airdrop per Celestial Void NFT minted on XRPL. PDT delivered already for purchasing zen.

– Only 27 NFTs on XRPL

– Special full color 1/1 NFTs to be found

– Just above 8k Resolution 4847×7247 or 7247×4847 NFTs

Merch store already live, see “Merchandise” section.

NFT image in merch store: If your NFT image isn’t setup in the merch store or an Item you want isn’t available in the store please contact me and I will put the items you would like in it. The Merch store will also work with other uploaded images.

Social Media links

Physical Digital Discord: https://discord.gg/ebdDGuvQSY

Twitter: https://twitter.com/phygitaldigital

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcF33OyEqaAmqN0HJ-W0mlw