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What kind of products will be sold via NFTs?

Samurai armor, handmade jewelery, necklaces, diamond rings/watches, guitars, antique japanese pottery, all kinds of things, there may be surveys to see what the community would like to see.

What price ranges?

Prices of various ranges. Low to high.

Does the team have any experience in shipping and receiving physical products?

You bet! Additional pictures can be provided of any physical items and packaging etc. The most care as possible will be taken to ensure you get an item in the same condition as when it is shipped.

Will physical items be new or used?

Either 2nd hand or new it will be clearly described.

How about payment for shipping?

The purchaser is responsible for shipping payment and insurance of item. Cost will be provided, payment can be made with crypto. Purchaser is responsible for knowing the laws of goods being ordered in their respective country and for paying any taxes/ import customs fees.

Is there a warranty for physical items?

New items will be covered under manufacturer’s warranty and 2nd hand items/antiques will have no warranty/returns/refunds after shipment.

What if I want a refund on a physical NFT item before it’s shipped?

Simply connect with physical digital team, and we will discuss returning the NFT and sending a refund less royalty.